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“Karen C.L. Anderson has managed to merge the psychological, spiritual, biological and emotional

elements of self-image, self-awareness and self-love in such a way that it will speak to many people,

especially women. Brava!”

Dr. Diane Hardgrave, Medical Anthropologist

After having been obese for most of her adult life and thinking she’d magically lose weight “some day,” Karen Anderson finally got it together and lost 55 pounds in 2005. As a “weight loss success story” with her picture on the cover of a weekly women’s magazine, she thought she had finally “gotten it” and would live happily ever after. And then, like the vast majority of people who lose a significant amount of weight, she regained half of it. And that’s where this story begins.

In early 2009 she started writing with the intention of trying to figure out just what the heck was wrong. Why couldn’t she just lose weight and keep it off? And the result? Well, like many “before and after” stories, the results were NOT typical.

AFTER (the before & after) is not another “how to lose weight” book. It’s Karen’s quest for answers to difficult – sometimes painful – questions and it’s about her belief that having a healthy body (and mind and spirit) shouldn’t be a life-long struggle. It’s about the power of self-acceptance, and it’s about realizing that it takes as long as it needs to take. And that’s okay.

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