Let’s work together.

I guide women through one of the thorniest and most tender of circumstances: liberating themselves from difficult relationships with their mothers*.

Liberation does not necessarily mean never seeing or speaking to your mother – it’s about emotional liberation. At the heart of what I do is this belief: the truth never creates suffering and all stories can be told through the lens of truth. If you are suffering, I can help you tell yourself a new truth.

[*In some cases, therapy is your best option. I am not a therapist. My superpower is in working with women who are ready to focus on themselves and figure out what’s next for them.]


Ultimately, the Liberty Sessions are about: 

Shedding the weight of that unresolved mother relationship so you can drop the paralyzing, generational behavior patterns that keep you resentful, bitter, angry, stuck, and overwhelmed.

Helping you see and remember who you arewho you’ve always been, without those stories that dim and diminish you.

Revealing the wisdom, clarity, and strength that already exist within you. 

Figuring out what’s right for you (versus having someone tell you). 

Creating, setting, and honoring healthy boundaries.

Moving forward with confidence and self-assurance. 

Developing truly loving relationships (with others and – most importantly – yourself). 

Stepping into your life with purpose and passion. 

Creating whatever it is you are here to create.


The Liberty Sessions are for you if:

You want to cultivate a healthier sense of self

You want to amp up the resilience and creativity that already exists within you, and dial down the fear

You are committed to what you know is possible

You are a deep-diving explorer

You love the journey

You are looking for someone to hold your hand and have your back as you navigate your next big thing


What you can expect:

Access to my calendar so you can book Zoom sessions when you need/want them.

Support in between calls via email.

A fully committed, co-creating partner: me. I believe in honest, straightforward communication. That means I keep it real. I won’t shy away from the hard conversations or helping you move through what’s keeping you stuck. That’s why you hired me. I will always see you at your highest potential and approach our work with real partnership and real connection. When you hire me, you get a fully committed partner.


Your investment: 

$500/month for as long as you’d like to work together. A “Pay What You Can” option is available.