1:1 Coaching

The Matriarch Mare is calm because her boundaries are impeccable. 
Because she knows who she is – with clarity and equanimity – the other horses respect her.
She does not let herself be influenced by another horse’s fears or anxieties or aggression.
She knows the right thing to do, based on her own internal signals, and she does it.
She doesn’t need approval or permission.
She lives and breathes from a place of integrity and certainty, because of her strong and appropriate boundaries.
As a result, she is relaxed and at peace.
She belongs to herself.
She has an undefended heart.

Let’s work together.

I guide women through one of the thorniest and most tender of circumstances: liberating themselves from difficult relationships with their mothers*.

Liberation does not necessarily mean never seeing or speaking to your mother – it’s about emotional liberation. At the heart of what I do is this belief: the truth never creates suffering and all stories can be told through the lens of truth. If you are suffering, I can help you tell yourself a new truth.

[*In some cases, therapy is your best option. I am not a therapist. My superpower is in working with women who are ready to take their power back from their mothers and focus on moving forward.]

Ultimately, the Liberty Sessions are about: 

  • Shedding the weight of a unresolved mother relationship so you can drop the paralyzing, generational behavior patterns that keep you resentful, bitter, angry, stuck, and overwhelmed.
  • Helping you see and remember who you arewho you’ve always been, without the stories that dim and diminish you.
  • Revealing the wisdom, clarity, and strength that already exist within you. 
  • Figuring out what’s right for you (versus having someone tell you). 
  • Creating, setting, and honoring healthy boundaries.
  • Moving forward with confidence and self-assurance. 
  • Developing truly loving relationships (with others and – most importantly – yourself). 
  • Stepping into your life with purpose and passion. 
  • Creating whatever it is you are here to create.

What you will learn via the Liberty Sessions:

  • Practices that will help you calm your nervous system and feel safe.
  • How to tell your stories in a way that strengthens you, rather than depleting you.
  • Emotional resilience.
  • Boundaries!
  • How to Re-Mother yourself.

The Liberty Sessions are for you if:

  • You want to cultivate a healthier sense of self
  • You want to amp up the resilience and creativity that already exists within you, and dial down the fear
  • You are committed to what you know is possible
  • You are a deep-diving explorer
  • You love the journey
  • You are looking for someone to hold your hand and have your back

What you can expect:

  • Access to my calendar so you can book Zoom sessions when you need/want them.
  • Support in between calls via email.
  • A fully committed, co-creating partner: me.
  • Honest, straightforward communication. I keep it real and don’t shy away from hard conversations.
  • I will always see you at your highest potential. 
  • A role-model for the concepts I teach. As we work together, you will see and experience me practicing boundaries, taking responsibility for myself, and modeling self-care (re-mothering). This is one of the best teachers of all.

Your investment is $500/month for at least three months. I ask that you make at least a three-month commitment to yourself and to the process. After that, you can continue on a month-by-month basis, if you choose.

Click here to pay $1500 for three months in full: