“Flip your normal questions on their back. Walk curiously through the opening. (Hint: our normal questions are usually fear based when we’re in crisis mode. That’s the reason why we feel like it’s a crisis: ’cause terror’s taken over creativity).”

Rachael Maddox shows us how to ask ourselves better questions in Crisis Control Vs. Crisis Alchemy, and an Invitation to Show Up and Swing


“Each of these four words addresses an issue of great importance for a woman, and what they all have in common is that they are keys to unlocking the door to our forbidden feminine power. And one thing you can count on is that each of these four issues will show up eventually if a woman seriously gives herself over to making her own art. Which is one reason that women often shy away from the creative process.

These words have extremely negative connotations for a woman and have been used to denigrate and control us for a very long time.”

Chris Zydel helps us take back ugly, fat, bitch, and selfish in Women, Painting And Power (it’s not a new post but I happened to come across it at exactly the right time for me).


Check out Rise Above The Bully, an initiative by my friend and über-talented photographer Tara McKinney


From the lovely Elizabeth Gilbert:

My lowest self says: “That person is acting like a total jerk!”

My slightly higher self says: “That person is acting like a total jerk right now only because he’s going through a really hard time in life, and his parents never taught him how to behave better, and he might have some sort of mild mental illness, and also he has a drinking problem…so I should try to be more compassionate and generous toward sad, tragic, miserable people like that.”

My even higher self says: “We are all just flawed and frightened human beings in an uncertain world, struggling to survive.”

Then finally my VERY highest self says: “Lord, please help me stop acting like a total jerk.”

…and that’s when it finally stops being about the other person at all.

I am aiming to aim high this week, what about you?