What the heck, right? Well here’s the thing: I am realizing that there’s been too much boo-hoo in my life and not enough woooo-hooo! I don’t care how corny that sounds, it’s true.

It’s funny (not) how easily it is for me to go down that negative spiraling path. And it’s usually only in hindsight that I can see how bad it had gotten.

Clues? Excuses, whining, being critical of myself (and others), and (this is a key one for me) allowing myself to get sucked into people, ideas, and situations that trigger defensiveness in me. It starts to pervade my life from all angles and I find myself reacting from a place of needing or wanting to prove something, which, in turn, takes all my time and energy away from creating and being me.

Boo-hoo = defensive, resistant, fearful, worried, frustrated, panicked, dread, self-destructive, unfocused struggle, focused on what I can’t do, critical, bitter, overwhelmed, victimized, dishonest, in denial, reactive.

Woooo-hooo = flowing, natural, easy, confident, challenging (in a good “Karen” way), focused on what I can do, cheerful, exciting, fun, accomplished, thriving, creative, speaking my truth from a place of passion not opposition, proactive, love.

Now, I get that life can’t be wooo-hooo every second of every single day or else we wouldn’t KNOW that it was wooo-hooo. We can only know whooo-hooo relative to booo-hooo.

And so let this serve as a reminder to me of what boo-hoo feels like, and what woooo-hooo feels like.

We are all living proof of the concept that our words and beliefs create our reality. I am seeing that I’d not been using woooo-hooo words and I’d not been having wooooo-hoooo beliefs and my reality was starting to reflect it.


So give me some woooooo-hooooooo people!! And tell me what words you use to create your reality.