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How To Set Boundaries With Your Difficult Mother, WITHOUT Guilt & Anxiety…

…and with love and respect for yourself.

Saturday, March 30
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern
via Zoom

We tend to think of boundaries as a way of keeping bad things out. And they can definitely be that. They can also be a way to determine what you want to keep in. Truly healthy boundaries help you like and respect yourself more, so you can love others more completely and authentically, even if you do not see or talk to them.

What you will come away with from this online workshop…

:: practical ways to set boundaries with your mother (and/or your own daughter)

:: an understanding of why mothers and daughters struggle and the dynamics at play

:: ways to mitigate guilt, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. when setting boundaries

:: energetic practices you can do on your own that will reduce the amount of anxiety and guilt you feel

:: skills and scripts that you can use to set boundaries with your mother

:: an understanding that these skills are about more than your personal mother-daughter relationship, they’re about gender equality

:: knowing that you can be okay no matter what happens in the relationship

:: the feeling that you just did some mind-blowing and soul-nourishing work

:: hope for the future of your relationship(s)

:: a handout with all the pertinent information

:: a recording of the workshop

You’ll want to take this workshop because…

:: I will teach you everything you need to know about setting boundaries, including WHY it feels so hard

:: we will brainstorm solutions to your specific boundary challenges

:: I will teach you grounding techniques that calm your nervous system so you can be more effective at the actual boundary-setting piece

:: setting boundaries doesn’t have to feel bad

:: we’re going to have a lot of fun

I’ll say it again: setting healthy boundaries doesn’t have to feel bad. Let me show you the way.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, attendance is limited to 12. 

Workshop price is $300
Early bird price until March 1: $250

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Because setting boundaries with your mother can feel this good.