I almost decided not to choose a word for 2013.

Then, because “practice” was such a good word for me in 2012, I almost decided to choose it again.

And then I decided to trust that the right word would come to me. And it did. At the last minute.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I wrote that post originally in September 2010 and entitled it, “Glimpsing Mastery.”

Now I am ready to embrace it. MASTERY is not only an extension of practice, it’s a deepening. Like practice, mastery is both a noun (“comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment”) and verb-like (“the action or process of mastering a subject or accomplishment”).

To me, choosing to embrace mastery requires more…




…as well as slowing down and taking my time.

It requires me to have a learning attitude, rather than a know-it-all attitude.

I’ve had a tendency to glimpse rather than embrace, to let fear stop me, or to rush impatiently into whatever looked interesting, without knowing if it really suited me. And my fear often took on the appearance of knowing it all.

One does not gain mastery in that way.

I plan, of course, to become more masterful at the art and science of Acceptance Whispering. To that end I am currently about half way though Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School and hope to be certified by March. What I love about this program is that it’s putting some much-needed structure around what I already believe and know to be true.

Along with that has come an evolution. While Acceptance Whispering started out as a way to make peace with food and our bodies, what I am finding – after having worked with two clients (not to mention my ongoing work with myself) – is that it’s REALLY about emotional mastery (there’s that word again), knowing that taking full responsibility for our emotional lives is what makes everything else possible.

Mastery of my thoughts and emotions is a permanent priority because I have proven to myself, time and time again, that anything else I may want only comes when I take full responsibility for what’s going on in my head.

This is something I really and truly learned – on a cellular level, deep in my bones – in 2012. I alone am responsible for my thoughts and feelings and NO ONE can make me think or feel anything, no matter what they say or do.

Of course I had heard this and understood it many times before, but in 2012, I GOT it. I learned how. And I realized that, just like so many other things, it’s not something you get once and can forget about. It does, indeed, require practice, in order to gain mastery.

Better late than never, eh?

Also, later this month I will be taking a more intensive Emotional Freedom Technique course. I (and my clients) have found that combining thought/feeling work with EFT is quite powerful.

On a more practical level, as I build my business, I am finding the need to master some things that, until now, I had purposely ignored…things like finances and technology. And thanks to my business mentor, Christine Kane (who, by the way, has a great Word Of The Year tool that you can download), I am getting educated in these areas.

And, it wouldn’t be my life if I wasn’t planning to continue mastering acceptance of my body and health. I’ve come a long way baby in this area but there’s always room for more.

I am looking forward to 2013 in a way that I’ve never looked forward  before.

Bring it!