Three years ago I participated in Mish’s Exposed Movement with this post – Before & After: Exposed.

In those photos I was…

…nearly 48

…proud of my body, but slightly unsure if I should be

…afraid to post a photo that, to me, was unflattering

…relieved that of the many, many photos I took, there were some that I found acceptable

…not weighing myself, but still acutely aware of the ups and downs

…regularly kickboxing and working out with kettlebells

…still very much in the process of being at peace with my body

…trying to prove something

…thinking that my Dad would live forever (not really, but you know what I mean)

…not yet Booboo and certainly not understanding how my life would change once I became a grandmother

…on a path to self-acceptance but not yet understanding the power of profound self-trust

…glad to be part of a movement where all bodies are celebrated


And now here I am three years later.




In these photos I am…

…nearly 51

…proud of my body

…not afraid to post a photo that is unflattering

…happily vulnerable

…still aware of the ups and downs, but I don’t make them mean that I am “bad” or “good”

…not as active as I was three years ago…just this morning I got the results of the MRI and I have a small anterior labral tear and adhesive capsulitis in my right shoulder, which isn’t obvious in a photo

…still in the process of being at peace with my body

…not trying to prove anything

…grateful that, even though his death was totally unexpected (and occurred just a couple of months after my first Exposed post), I didn’t have to see my Dad suffer with a long, drawn-out illness

…Booboo…and loving the fact that this body can keep up with an active two-and-a-half-year-old little boy and that he has my heart for ever and ever

…still on self-acceptance path and practicing profound self-trust

…glad to still be part of the same movement, and for the same reasons


Thank you Mish, and thank you to all the other beautiful souls who gave themselves permission to be exposed and to shine!