A month from today – at the third annual Fitbloggin ’12 conference in Baltimore, MD – I will have the honor of working with two women I admire greatly (Shauna and Mara) to facilitate a discussion that has, at its core, these two questions:

Are you afraid that self-acceptance means you’ll never lose weight?


Does self-acceptance mean giving up?

Talk about the ultimate both/and discussion!

As Shauna so eloquently put it today: “I’ve puzzled over this topic many times these past couple of years. There’s a desire to feel at peace with myself and my body, but at the same time there’s things I want to change. Is this possible? Am I really a nutty dieter hiding in self-acceptance clothing? Am I some sorta self-acceptance sell-out if I want to lose some pounds? Am I throwing in the towel if I don’t change a thing? Can’t I have a foot in both camps? And what the heck does self-acceptance mean anyway?”

Yes! What she said!

Shuana, Mara, and I are in the processs of answering these and other related questions for ourselves, in preparation for the discussion and for a free eBook that will be available afterwards.

Although it will take place “live” at Fitbloggin’, the discussion will also take place virtually (“live Tweeted” from Baltimore) and so whether you will physically be there or not, we welcome your participation:

What questions do you have about self-acceptance?

More specifically, (quoting Mara here…)

  • What has always irked you about conversations about self-love?
  • What feels too good to be true, and what do you need clarified?
  • How might you need to be better supported in order to be your best, most loving self?
  • What do you really wish people said out loud on the topic of self-acceptance?

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We look forward to hearing from you!