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The Liberty Sessions

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I guide women through one of the thorniest and most tender of circumstances: liberating themselves from difficult relationships with their mothers*. Liberation does not necessarily mean never seeing or speaking to your mother – it’s about emotional liberation.

At the heart of what I do is this belief: the truth never creates suffering and all stories can be told through the lens of truth. If you are suffering, I can help you tell yourself a new truth.

[*In some cases, therapy is your best option. I am not a therapist. My superpower is in working with women who are ready to focus on themselves and figure out what’s next for them.]

Ultimately, the Liberty Sessions are about:

:: Shedding the weight of that unresolved mother relationship so you can drop the paralyzing, generational behavior patterns that keep you resentful, bitter, angry, stuck, and overwhelmed

:: Helping you see and remember who you are…who you’ve always been, without those stories that dim and diminish you

:: Revealing the wisdom, clarity, and strength that already exist within you

:: Figuring out what’s right for you (versus having someone tell you)

:: Creating, setting, and honoring impeccable boundaries

:: Moving forward with confidence and self-assurance

:: Starting new projects from a place of self-trust

:: Developing truly loving relationships (with others and – most importantly – yourself)

:: Stepping into your life with purpose and passion

:: CREATING whatever it is you are here to create

The Liberty Sessions are for you if:

:: You want to cultivate a healthier sense of self

:: You’ve moved beyond complainer/victim mode and are ready for “I wanna make shit happen in my life” mode

:: You want to amp up the resilience and creativity that already exists within you, and dial down the fear

:: You are committed to what you know is possible

:: You are a deep-diving explorer

:: You love the journey

:: You’re in LET’S DO THIS! mode

:: You are looking for someone to hold your hand and have your back as you navigate your next big thing

What you can expect:

:: Seven 60- to 90-minute private 1:1 calls over the course of three months.

:: Intensive support in between calls via a private online forum where you will find writing prompts, tools, practices, and meditations that will enhance our work together.

:: A fully committed, co-creating partner: me. I believe in honest, straightforward communication. That means I keep it real. I won’t shy away from the hard conversations or helping you move through what’s keeping you stuck. That’s why you hired me. I will always see you at your highest potential and approach our work with real partnership and real connection. When you hire me, you get a fully committed partner. 

Your investment for a three-month engagement:

:: Four payments of $1250 
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:: $4200 paid in full
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