…so far today, that’s what I’ve done. Nothing. Well, except loll around in bed with Bella, browse magazines (Real Simple and O), skim through some new books, like Shmirshky (an excellent, comprehensive and funny resource for any woman, but especially for women who are in the perimenopause and menopause years…this is not your mother’s menopause book!) and Taking Action: 30 Specific Strategies for Overcoming Emotional Eating (even though I don’t struggle with this too much any more, I really appreciate the author’s candid and thorough approach, and I am always willing to learn new strategies).

In hindsight I see that the past couple of weeks have been rather stressful for me. I’ve expended vast amounts of energy and excitement. I haven’t slept well. I often felt like I was about to jump out my skin (in a good way). Promoting my book (which is harder by far than having written it), worrying about being worried, getting ready for my grandson to be born (he was due yesterday but we think he’s staying put until his Daddy comes home from his six-month deployment on the USS Providence…very soon), and mourning my Dad (he was a handsome guy, wasn’t he?). I am not complaining about these things…I have never felt more thankful, happy and peaceful, yes, even in the midst of intense sadness. I guess that’s just how I roll!

I needed a day of nothing. And I am grateful to have had it.