This week’s Hateloss Challenge exercise: between now and Thursday, think about an activity that would challenge your comfort zone. Then confront that fear and do it. This is your challenge, so be as daring or as conservative as you want – but stretch yourself beyond what you think you can do.

I’m stepping outside my comfort zone to make an announcement:

I’m giving up wheat/gluten.

BOTH choosing to give up wheat AND announcing it are, for me, an act of stepping outside my comfort zone.

And speaking of both/and statements, I had a HUGE ah-ha moment as it regards my comfort zone.

The other day, in my Practicing: Force post I said:

“Force yourself…outside your comfort zone” sets off alarm bells in Resistant Karen’s head. She doesn’t like to think about being forced anywhere, and most definitely not outside her comfort zone because she equates “comfort zone” with “healthy emotional boundaries.”

It took me 45 years to get my comfort zone/healthy emotional boundaries firmly in place and I’m NOT gonna let anything get in the way of that!

But what if I could BOTH establish and maintain my comfort zone AND step outside it? Or more specifically, what if there are several different zones of comfort, some of which are sacrosanct and meant to be protected and some of which are meant to be stepped out of?

I have the safety and security of a wonderful marriage to an amazing man who loves me unconditionally. I often marvel at what I was able to create for myself, given the examples I had growing up. This comfort zone is sacrosanct. I don’t have to step out of it.

Now that I know that and see the distinction, I feel more liberated and courageous! So getting back to my announcement…

No, I don’t have Celiac disease. I don’t even consider myself gluten-sensitive. But the other day, right after I watched Mel Robbin’s video on how to get what you want, I happened to come across an interview with Dr. William Davis (author of a book called Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health).

The interview is entitled, “On The Evils of Wheat: Dr. William Davis on why it is so addictive, and how shunning it will make you skinny.” 


That’s me rolling my eyes. It wasn’t necessary to use words like “evil” and “skinny” in order to get me to read the article, but that’s another issue for another day.

I read the article because I was interested in what he had to say about the affect of wheat on health and in particular, inflammation, which can cause or exacerbate all kinds of issues including arthritis, which I have.

With Mel Robbin’s voice still echoing in my head, I decided right then and there to go wheat-free in an effort to make my body hurt less so I feel like exercising more. And what’s interesting is that I had no idea that Week 3 of the Hateloss Challenge would involve a call to step outside my comfort zone! I love how the universe works…

So now I’m also practicing wheat-loss. I’ll keep you posted.