I used to think that I had to protect myself.
I used to think that she was “toxic.”
These thoughts created fear.
The fear drove me to react, to push away, to shut down, to avoid.
As a result, I lived small.
I was anxious.
I was unaware.
I was destructive.
Now, I believe in respecting myself.
Now, I know that there’s nothing to protect.*
Now, I know there’s nothing to hide.*
Now, I know there’s nothing to defend.*
Now, I know there’s nothing to prove.*
These thoughts create freedom, empowerment, and contentment.
Freedom, empowerment, and contentment drive me to respond, to move towards, to expand outward, to meet life head on.
As a result, I live large.
I am calm.
I am present.
I am aware.
I create.
Now it’s your turn. Tell me how your thoughts and feelings about “toxic people” drive you to show up in the world? What did you used to think? What do you now believe? Tell me…I really want to know.

*These thoughts are courtesy of Lisa Nichols