The Re-Mother Sessions

Potent conversations to help you turn that painful thing inside you
from a source of suffering into a source of wisdom.

Re-Mother: How do you begin to take yourself onto your own lap? To re-mother yourself?

You can start by mentally and emotionally detaching the woman who gave birth to you from the role of “mother.” Your mother will always be your mother, but you can separate yourself, not only from her role, but also from her beliefs.

This isn’t about entering into a long-term coaching relationship or taking a class. It’s about a single conversation that can change your life in the best possible way. You can get what you need in one powerful session with me.

  • You’d like help turning that painful thing inside of you around so you can go in a different direction (perhaps that thing is also tender, thorny, frustrating, annoying, [insert uncomfortable emotion here])
  • You’d like to see what wisdom that thing has to offer
  • You desire a personal solution without entering into a daunting, long-term approach
  • You’ve heard me talk about (or read my writing on) taking yourself onto your own lap and you’d like some guidance on how to do that
  • There’s a boundary you want to set, articulate, and maintain and you’re not sure where to start and/or you don’t want to feel guilty about it.
  • You’re afraid you’ll regret it if ____________ happens
  • Maybe you’ve read (or are reading) The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother and want some help practicing the tools outlined in the book
  • You’d like to get to know your future romantic partner before you actually meet him/her/them
  • You’ve ever wished you had a fairy Godmother 🙂
  • We meet via Zoom for 60 minutes and the call can be recorded if you desire
  • I will send you a follow-up email
  • Your investment is $300 $150 (for the month of August 2017 only)
  • This is not a substitute for medical or mental health care.
  • If you are processing deep pain, memories, or trauma, you might be better served in a professional mental health setting. If you have questions, please contact me
  • Your investment is non-refundable. Please come ready to do some good work.



“Karen has an incredible ear, heart, and mind for women who want to relate to their mothers in a healthier way. She is like the “mommy whisperer” as she patiently listens to the stories we hold onto and gently encourages us to consider more truthful accounts about who we are in relation to our mothers. She is an incredibly gifted coach. My brief work with her profoundly altered how I see myself and how I see my own mother. I am so grateful for her voice, her wisdom and her work!” ~ M.Q.


It was most surprising to me, in the process of having this very pleasant and easy chat, that you could simply articulate something so profound to me. I am always saying, I am missing a chip. Well, I felt that you just handed that chip to me. Your advice and questions allowed me to connect to my humanity and feelings in a way I had not yet been able to do. I was aware, after our conversation, of appreciating feelings and natural cycles in a way that sustains my authenticity. In my family of origin, it was more about not feeling, and natural cycles were irrelevant. I used to keep my feelings out and I paid more attention to “others.” Well, that is changing. Thank you. ~ Judy Mac Glaflin


After our conversation, I sat back and said to myself, “Wow, that was truly wonderful, loved it.” Most surprising: Karen is completely in the moment with you and her insights, wisdom, guidance, inspiration, and sisterhood is immeasurably inspiring.  ~ D.M.


Through well-placed questions and mindful observations, Karen helped me think thru some “mind blocks” and uncover my own truths. After our session, she sent me some insightful links to carry out next steps. I HIGHLY recommend working with Karen! ~ Leigh Schlemmer

The evolution of faith: Not believing.
Believing, but secretly doubting.
Fearing, but secretly loving.
Loving, but secretly fearing.
Realizing that it was you, all along.
~  The Universe ~