[A five-part series inspired by my participation in Amy Walsh’s Art of Showing Up five-day workshop]

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My medium is words. I don’t aspire to become a great visual artist. And yet? This guided practice of taking selfies and playing with them made my vocation (self-acceptance through storytelling) that much richer.

Day 3: Five images that blur fact and fiction, truth and lie about who I am. No “fauxthenticy.”

“I am creating my identity and making meaning of it over and over again, traveling an upwards spiral as I revisit my story from a higher place. It’s the same story through a different lens at a different time. Always the same precious soul.” ~ from my LIberty Story

In this series of photos: this feels like six-year old me (top right), playing with make-up (top left), goofing off (bottom left), what I imagine I look like when I hide from my husband and jump out at him (bottom middle), German-made frumpy house shoe and Italian-made elegant slipper shoe (bottom right).

Thoughts on Day 3: I didn’t overthink this, other than to – initially – wish that I had clothes to dress up in that aren’t like the clothes I have. And then I thought, but that’s cool…I no longer keep that which doesn’t serve me and my body.