[A five-part series inspired by my participation in Amy Walsh’s Art of Showing Up five-day workshop]

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[See #showingup2018 Day 3 here]

My medium is words. I don’t aspire to become a great visual artist. And yet? This guided practice of taking selfies and playing with them made my vocation (self-acceptance through storytelling) that much richer.

Day 4: Mutations + Transformations…chose five images from days 1, 2, and 3 and change the look or meaning.
Day 5: Curate + Integrate…choose the images you are learning the most from and write about it.

In this series of photos: my suddenly slimmer, unblemished left arm (top left), goofing off, twisted (bottom left), Zombified (top right), I gave myself a facelift (middle right), playing with contrast (bottom right).

Thoughts on Days 4 + 5: This exercise gave me the opportunity to transform and mutate the “ugly” and the “beautiful.” I did it by basically making the ugly beautiful, and the beautiful ugly based on current beauty standards and norms.

 I erased the scars on the back of my left arm, smoothed out the skin and made it slimmer. I took my “pretty” picture and darkened my newly straightened teeth and Zombified my skin. And with that third picture, I have myself a virtual facelift, slimmed the face, and made it look more youthful and symmetrical.

Here are some side-by-sides: