One of the most pivotal moments in my life was the day I walked into my first Emotional Freedom Technique session and – after pouring out my sad story – was asked to say, “Even though I am overweight, I still love and accept myself.”

I had no concept of what that meant.

Another pivotal moment came a few years later when I understood that within me resided several “selves” and that the most powerful of these selves was “Resistant Karen.”

Resistant Karen made an appearance recently when I attended an Uplevel Your Business retreat, except my recognition of her came with different terminology: resistance is my default setting. It shows up in many aspects of my life, not just in regards to food and my body, but also in determining the very purpose of my life!

Over the past year, since my book came out, I have spent a lot of time resisting what comes next. And believe me, there is something coming next! But I was confused: was I resisting because it’s really a bad idea? Or was I resisting because I am afraid, because I’d rather play small?

This morning, while in the shower (after a kickass kettlebell workout), I had a thought: acceptance is the opposite of resistance.


Everything I have been doing here on this blog and in my book has been about practicing (preaching?) acceptance on a regular basis, and a good part of that has been acknowledging resistance, but until that ah-ha-moment-in-the-shower, I hadn’t seen the oh-so-obvious connection between the two.

And then, almost immediately, I saw the lovely spectrum between both extremes. I saw the both/and, not just the either/or.

And so this I believe: acceptance is a powerful change agent and accelerator, and resistance is a brake to be applied mindfully, not something to stomp one’s foot down on automatically…not a default setting.

Because the truth is, both acceptance and resistance serve.

Hi.  My name is Karen Anderson. I am an author, blogger, both/and thinker, creator of ah-ha moments, and a lover of what is. I show women who hate their bodies – who are oh-so-tired of dieting – that is possible to achieve a healthy, natural body weight through acceptance. My job is to demonstrate the connection between acceptance and resistance and to live it out loud.

This post was inspired by This I Believe, by Maia Toll.