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The Matriarch Mare is calm because her boundaries are impeccable. Because she knows who she is – with clarity and equanimity – the other horses respect her. She does not let herself be influenced by another horse’s fears or anxieties or aggression. She knows the right thing to do, based on her own internal signals, and she does it. She doesn’t need approval or permission. She lives and breathes from a place of integrity and certainty, because of her strong and appropriate boundaries. As a result, she is relaxed and at peace. She belongs to herself. She has an undefended heart. ~ with thanks to Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert for this concept

The Re-Mothering process challenges assumptions about the way things are and can be for women, not just within the context of their ongoing or historic relationships with their own mothers (who sometimes model and foster ongoing disempowerment), but within the world at large.

“My mother lives with me and I need boundaries help!”

Question from a reader: "My question has to do with how to heal and make these healthy boundaries while my mom lives with me and my family (husband and two boys who are 12 and 10). She has so much of her own baggage and ''wears" it as indecisiveness, assumptions,...

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Boundaries and anxiety and guilt, oh my

One evening my husband and I were driving home from a concert and we were talking about something that triggered a memory: I must have been nine or ten years old and my family went to New Hampshire to visit my great-grandparents (my mother's mother's parents). My...

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She doesn’t have to die in order for you to feel better

I received an interesting response to last week's column (Grieving a mother who is still alive) and wanted to share it because it occurred to me that I AM NOT DOING MY JOB if anyone who reads my books/columns/newsletter believes that they have to wait for someone to...

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